Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nurturing Acorns: Spring!

It's spring time at Nurturing Acorns, the nature preschool group at Woodlawn Nature Center. We started by making spring headbands, decorating them with stickers and using our fine motor skills. We also used spring stamps to make scenes on paper.

Our "loose parts" were in a huge suitcase from a presentation over the weekend, so the children and some adults helped us sort and categorize our items. For story time, we talked about changes in Spring, read a couple of books, like "What a Wonderful World", tried some songs, and talked about animals in Spring, such as beavers, deer, and rabbits. We talked about the animals more as we walked the museum and ate snack later. 

After story time, we went on a Spring egg hunt. It was raining so we opted to stay inside the nature center. Older homeschool siblings hid the eggs for us, which was helpful. We made it a color walk, matching out paint chip scavenger hunt with the different colored eggs we found. 

While walking, we looked at the fawn, turkey, and other animals we talked about during story time. We even felt furs of rabbit, beaver, and deer!

After our hunt, we washed our hands and had snack time, making English muffin "suns". These were a hit! We talked about frogs, such as the spring peeper, wood frog, western chorus frog, green frog, and bullfrog while we were eating. 

During free exploration time, we played with play dough, practiced beginning letters of words with animals, and strung beads on pipe cleaners to make worms. Some played Sneaky Snacky Squirrel, too. Color match with paint chips was also available. 

In the sensory bin, Beth put colorful shredded paper, new scoopers and bins, flowers, measuring tape, ribbons, eggs, butterflies, and more! She also set up a book station and flower area for us to explore as well. Check out Woodlawn's Facebook page for more pictures of her work.

My son and I took a walk as we left, since it had stopped raining by that time. The bloodroot is popping all over the place. Virginia Bluebells are getting ready for blossoms. Read about a few wildflowers of Spring at InMiddblebury


We had to get a little closer to investigate! The one on the right is one I need to investigate more, to I put the picture up to help me remember to look it up. :-)