Monday, February 9, 2015

Movies, Shovels, and Snow!

I recently had our boys watch Snowmen (affiliate link) after I really liked watching it. I thought it was a really good movie, though be aware that it deals with death, bullying, and other issues. Basically, a boy and his friends make snow tunnels near their house and discover a dead body. They get on the news for it and become better friends. One of the boys has recovered from cancer and still thinks he is going to die. He actually tells us early in the movie that he will die. He wants to do something inspiring before he dies and coordinates the building of record number of snowmen in his community. I will say I cried pretty hard during part of the movie, but also was left with hope and inspiration to be a cause for good in my community and a renewed sense of friendship. In the movie, the boys build snow caves and men, ice skate, sled, and spend a lot of time outside during the winter. Our oldest son is 10, so he's needing more "adventurous" type movies that still model good values and shows how people deal with problems. This fit perfectly for him.

So, guess what my boys are doing now? Building their own snow caves! We had about 1 1/2 feet of snow last week and it's piling up where we (okay, husband and the boys) have shoveled the driveway. It's getting pretty tall. My oldest will sometimes grumble a bit when I say he needs to spend some time outside before using technology. Right now, he gladly agrees and works on his own snow cave, like in the movie!

The boys have been working together. We have a variety of shovels that we leave on the front porch. Having tools accessible makes it easier for them to be used, as well as more likely to be used. They dig and dig and dig some more! They've been working on this for days!

I'll have to say that while we limit technology to some degree (I did just say SOME), there can be power in watching inspirational shows that model certain behaviors with our kids. While the whole family loves Master Chef, Jr., the 5 and 8-year-old boys are asking to make eggs every single day after school. We talk about plating, seasoning, and more! It's neat to see their interest in cooking through watching these great chefs near their ages on television. 

Just like Master Chef, Jr. has been an inspiration for our boys, the movie Snowmen (affiliate) has been an inspiration for our oldest son. He is inspired to get outside more! He has been building and playing in the snow more than he had in the past. My husband remembers Snow Day (affiliate link) as another movie that encourages kids to get outside during the winter. The Winter Olympics usually inspires us to get outside as well. 

So, do movies, television, and technology inspire your nature play? Technology seems like it will be a part of lives. Can we use it to help people get outside more? What movies inspire your families to get outside? 

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