Monday, December 1, 2014

A Natural Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The boys and I had a great time celebrating the season with this natural Christmas scavenger hunt! I based it on a scavenger hunt by Nature Detectives. They have great FREE printables for nature excursions! I had my magic green and red canvas bag full of items from the scavenger hunt list. We recently pulled out Christmas decorations, so I just found some of the items from our boxes since we used them that morning for Nature Preschool. I even stole our elf on the shelf off the Christmas tree at home! My son couldn't believe I touched him! 

Each child took turns pulling out an item and finding it. We found an elf boot print in the dirt near the house. We also found branches shaped like candy canes up high in the sky. 

They also found a tree big enough to make Santa's sleigh. And a tree that could be a Christmas tree. Maybe this could be an outdoor tree we decorate for the animals, like in some of the books we read in nature preschool this morning.

We found something as white as Santa's beard, as well as something that reminded us of snow. It was warm the other day and all of our snow melted! 

Someone even found a bonus piece of white fur to go with our white snowflake! We found twigs shaped like reindeer antlers. 

We also had a small cinnamon stick to remind us of a yule log, so we found logs in the yard. We found pinecones as well! 

We even found green pine needles! There were many more we could have found, but this worked quite well for us! I think we all enjoyed having actual objects for our scavenger hunt inside our magical bag! Thanks for the inspiration, Nature Detectives

This was also shared with the Outdoor Play Party