Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Fall Walk at Wellfield

Before a Trunk or Treat last week, I stopped by Wellfield Botanic Gardens with the kids and cousins. It was really hit or miss as it had been rainy and a little blustery all afternoon. I'm glad we went!

I love seeing small changes each time I visit. There are also some big changes as they continue working on construction. Here is a neat wooden bench near the entrance. With the wet afternoon, it was fun seeing reflections of trees in the puddles!

It's always a treat to see the familiar elk! The backdrop is always different. There is a new to us sculpture and place to overlook the shore down by the water.

This was nice to look at things up closely. There were also flowers still in bloom nearby!

This little section is so pretty! I like the rocks and water. The statue of the bird on a nest in the water is really neat. 

We love the wide open path around the gardens. The area was also decorated for fall. We should have brought out our fall color paint chips!

It's nice to have a little backdrop for fall photo fun. This is a great little addition for seasonal color and flair. 

On the adventure path, we explored the nearby animals, finding the Eastern screech owl.

The kids were enamored with the skunk. I love how these two trees frame the entrance to the sensory garden!

While much in this area was pulled up right now, we could still experience touch and taste. What a neat little area!

I'm curious about this raised bed garden. I can imagine all sorts of purposes! The gazebo next to the water is SO pretty. I love the details to the trail leading up to it.

The arbors/entrances are neat architectural structures throughout. 

There is a new little structure overlooking the water before the path up the hill. We weren't sure if it was okay to take that path, so we followed along the back trail. We found several little places to connect to the water along the trail. They have been busy here! 

There was also a little circular garden as well. The Japanese garden looks great with all the fall colors!

I love visiting here in the various seasons! It looks different each time. I'm excited to see what other changes they might have in store for us in the future! Also, we used a membership to enter. A nice thing about memberships is that you can stop by for just half an hour on a seemingly yucky afternoon and have a GREAT visit! Tuesdays are "pay what it's worth", which most consider as free (though it's worth much more!). Also, children under 12 are free, so I could have paid the $5 for me to enter and brought the six kids I had along with me for free. There are options! :-) 

Here are links to other seasonal visits we've had at Wellfield. Each season is different, so be sure to visit often!