Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giant Chess

On vacation, there was a giant chess board at the activity center. Hello, geeky kids in heaven! My oldest son learned how to play chess in an hour long library program when he was only six years old. The next morning he was at my bedside at 7 am with a chess board, ready to teach me how to play. Yes, I learned how to play chess from a six-year-old. I'm not ashamed to admit it. 

So now we need a giant chess board in the Michiana area . . . any takers? We'd love to come play! Come to think of it, at the last scouting exhibition this spring, one troop DID make a human giant chess board, but we just played checkers on it. Cool! I will have to watch for this, as it was lots of fun for the whole family. It was also good to see a local chess tournament not long ago . . . there is also a chess club in the area. Fun stuff!

This sequence of events was interesting to watch . . . my husband captured it all! Oh, the impermanence of our man made structures! Nothing like a mountain . . . oh, wait, they erode too!