Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finding Nature in Art at the Midwest Museum of Art

I went to a meeting at the Midwest Museum of American Art recently. I had been to see this annual exhibit of work done by local high school students as part of a tour with my preschooler a couple of years ago and was amazed with what the students had done! It's back! Read about our prior experience here. It also includes several quotes about nature and art--I love this intersect!

As I walked through the current designs, I found several that reflected nature, such as this contrasting log.

I also really liked this fox made of sticks and metal. A photo included a face covered in flowers.

A photo with fall leaves lined the wall.

Upcycled art portrayed flowers and plants!

A night sky is depicted well.

These birds are beautiful! I felt like I was looking out my window!

These cherry blossoms reminded me of my time living in Japan, going to Cherry Blossom festivals!

This creature was stick again. It reminds me somewhat of the twig sculpture up at Fernwood by Patrick Daugherty. What a neat experience to be involved in the process! This butterfly cam off the wall and the picture!

Other drawing depicted trees. I felt like I was right there!

I love seeing the creativity of these students. To create art that includes nature means that students are getting outside and noticing nature! I love this! 

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