Saturday, February 15, 2014

Winter Exploration Options

It sounds like the lovely snow and cooler temperatures will be leaving us soon. I wouldn't mind all the snow we had with temperatures from 25 to 32 degrees for a little longer. This long weekend is prime time to get outside. Here are a few winter activities we have enjoyed in the past:

1. Winter Bird Hike with the local Audubon Society

2. Toboggan Riding at Pokagon State Park

3. Sledding at Potato Creek State Park or Ox Bow Park. See our lessons from sledding and the broken window.

4. Winter Wildflower Hike at Kalamazoo Nature Center

5. Nature Preschool at Woodlawn Nature Center or learning about snow with Elkhart County Parks

6. First Day Hike at the state parks or near our house!

7. Visiting a Nature Center! We particularly enjoy the wildlife viewing windows.
Local ones include: MapleWood Nature Center, Love Creek, Rum Village, Rieth Interpretive Center, Merry Lea Environmental Center, Bendix Woods, Woodlawn Nature Center, Pokagon State Park and Potato Creek State Park

8. Maple sugar tapping at home and festivals at Maple Wood or Bendix Woods.

We have many great resources in our area--our backyards and local parks can be wonderful places to explore in the winter. Today we will try tubing in the winter and snowshoeing. We're looking forward to both! Other options include cross country skiing and photography.

How will you enjoy our winter filled long weekend?

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