Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin Experiment

Yes, I have rotting pumpkins in my yard! It's all in the name of science! My boys are working on their science fair projects. One wanted to do something with plants, another wanted to attract animals to the yard. I've seen several ideas on Pinterest about using vinegar and other solutions to preserve pumpkins longer--I thought testing several variations would be a perfect science project. Maybe I need to do my own!

I ended up just putting the decaying pumpkins in a small depression in the front yard. They are on their way to nutrients in my soil! I'll post updates. Did a raccoon make marks on the taller one? I thought more critters might be interested, but I guess not. Need something to do with your pumpkins? Elkhart Environmental Center hosted a pumpkin smash. Something to try next year!

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