Friday, November 16, 2012

Friends Feast

We had a Friends Feast with Nurturing Acorns. We could invite special friends and enjoyed food together. We enjoyed learning about Thanksgiving over the years and took a nature hike. Grandpa Cal would be a great trail leader. He took notice of the little things like frost on the ground!

Our spread was delicious . . . fruit salad, pumpkin rolls, mashed potatoes and corn, bison and noodles, etc. Just perfect!

Charlie sang a beautiful song with his drumming. We need to record this and post a video sometime. He is SO talented in native and outdoor skills. I want him to teach my older boys to do flint knapping.

Pumpkin Spice playdough--it's been a hit every week! The recipe really held up well over several weeks and made a ton. It smells delicious. We really could eat it, but it probably doesn't taste good. 

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