Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday at the Mill

This is the second year of Holiday at the Mill at Bonneyville Mill. It's a great time to stock up on stone ground flours for holiday baking, visit a few craft vendors, visit Santa, eat cookies and hot cider, and hit the trails. This turned into a community event for us as we saw several friends from our moms and tots group and preschool, friends from school, and extended cousins. People were popping up left and right!

There were several activities for the kids. They could dip candles, visit the one room school house, or decorate ornaments. It was good to see a fellow Indiana Master Naturalist helping out! What did my kids enjoy the most? Hiding from me outside the school, just far enough away that I still knew where they were. "I wonder where my boys could be" is a popular phrase when I know exactly where they are. I'll let them keep the illusion that they're pulling one over on me.

Santa Claus made an appearance! And my boys chased him off with swords! Why did my boys have swords at Holiday at the Mill? Because they're boys and they found their swords!

We found a sweet little nest on the ground while we were there. Need to study up on our birds to know what type of bird used it for nesting earlier in the year. It was a beautiful fall day!

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