Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wildflowers and More at Woodlawn Nature Center

Woodlawn Nature Center in Elkhart sits on 10 acres of property in the middle of the north part of Elkhart. While it doesn't seem huge, it's a great size for younger kids, a quick get away in the city, or a nice place for a family hike and picnic. And, the wildflowers and plants look gorgeous right now! So, anyone who likes gorgeous flowers would enjoy perusing the woods.

The trillium is out in full force! The variety at Woodlawn has white flowers with the signature sets of three, hence the tri at the beginning of the name.

Wild ginger is also growing. It has distinct heart shaped leaves growing opposite each other as they start in the spring.

Jack in the pulpit recently made an appearance! I was excited to see this recently!

The Virginia Bluebells look pretty as well!

Below are a few pics of other things I need to learn more about while out and about. I have suspicions, but need to look a few things up. Taking a quick walk in the woods can certainly help me recenter!