Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nature Summer Day Camps Round Up

I've always enjoyed summer day camps. It's fun to get out, meet new people, and do something besides sitting glued to the television. I went to a few as a child, was a counselor for camps as a young adult, and now send my own older children to summer day camps! We're still trying to find the right ones that fit with our schedule. There are several great options in the area!

Elkhart County Parks--My son went to the Nature Explorer camp here last year. He enjoyed being outside each day and building huts! We like Ox Bow and enjoy classes with Miss Krista. This is for ages 7-9.

They are also hosting a Junior Indiana Master Naturalist day camp for ages 9-13. This group is patterned after the adult IMN classes, which I loved. It is very hands-on and will be tromping all over Elkhart county to explore and understand the plants, soils, water, and wildlife of Indiana. The participants will be working with leading natural resources specialists from the area. The deadline to sign up was extended to this Friday. I've been a part of the planning process and look forward to it!

ETHOS Science Center--They have a whole list of summer camps available! Many of these are nature related; however, there are also Camp Invention and Lego Robotics which look great! We went to one of the Science Sneak Peeks and were very impressed with the facilities, activities, programs, and quality level of science teaching.

I've heard there are summer nature camps at Woodlawn Nature Center. Contact them for more information. 

Prairie Winds Nature Farm also has a summer farm and nature camp. Contact them for information. 

South Bend Parks and Recreation is offering various Nature Detectives Summer Day Camps. These look neat! The prices are very reasonable. I especially like the nature movie option for the 13 and 14 year olds. 

St. Joseph County Parks also has several summer day camps, called Outdoor Adventures. These all look great! There is a great looking animal camp for the younger kids. 

Have I missed any? Please let me know! Feel free to report back on what you liked. 

There are also many other day camps that contain a natural element, with a visit to outdoor spaces or nature centers. Whatever you choose, find some way to get outside this summer!