Monday, May 13, 2013

Nature Nuts: Ducks

Last week, my preschooler and I went to Nature Nuts at Ox Bow Park through Elkhart County Parks. We started with a local birder sharing bird resources and tips on finding birds and knowing calls in the wild. He had a neat book with bird calls built in! I've seen it a few times. 
Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song

I thought we were just looking at ducks, so was pleasantly surprised when the Elkhart 4-H Poultry club was also there. They had several types of chickens, fresh and colorful eggs, and ducks! It's one thing to look at pictures of birds, another thing to see taxidermy ducks and chickens, and yet a whole different experience to see them up close and personal. With both the duck and the chicken side by side, the kids could easily see the differences in the feet and beaks that allow them to live in their own habitats. 

The eggs were gorgeous and so varied in the colors! I appreciated talking to the 4-H mom--made me want to have chickens and maybe even a duck or two! We've been talking about it here and there. It would be even better if it was child led through 4-H.

Looking at the ducklings up close!

The children saw how the duck floats in water and what makes a duck adapted for its life. The children are huddled around the water for the swimming duck!

Of course, looking at a chicken up close was neat! I had a pet chicken when I was a missionary in the Dominican Republic. It ate all the insects in our house for us!

Later the children made duck hats. 

I had a cute quacker! 

They made a cute little duck edible craft. Quack, quack, quack! 

There were several good book options! My great crawler couldn't resist!

The kids went out with Miss Krista and acted like ducks all down the hill! She knows how to bring out their playful side!