Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nature at the Ball Field

I'm very grateful that our two older boys are on the same time. Don't get me wrong, a baseball game is great to watch, but it does reduce the hectic days of our lives during ball season. We also have two little ones as well. The youngest likes to eat mulch (much to the panic of other nearby moms) and the older one has been "playing" with nature. A few weeks ago, he just had some sticks for play. This week, after talking about Environmental Art at Nurturing Acorns, he started making his own creations with no prompts from his momma!

There was another girl nearby and she had made a tiny campfire, complete with log benches for the ants. I loved the tiny scale and that she was thinking about summer campfires! 

The creations morphed a little the longer we were there. While I know in my mind this is a person of some sorts, it really reminds me of Kanji (Japanese characters)! I loved learning about these while living in Japan and seeing the natural elements present in the symbols. The symbol for river truly looks like a river in my mind. Can't wait to make some with sticks now!

I love seeing what the kids come up with at the ball field! I think I'm ready to cozy up to make some s'mores!