Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nurturing Acorns: Valentines

Well . . . a little late, but we'll be ready for next year! This week in Nurturing Acorns at Woodlawn Nature Center, we had a Valentine's Party. All the children brought in Valentines to share. We went with a nature theme for nature preschool. Others did too! Angry Birds was popular as well . . . made us think of connections for the nature center!

Each mom brought in a different activity this week. It was kind of nice to all bring something in for the kids to do and learn from. We made heart shaped bird feeders.


We decorated Valentine bags to hold our cards. We also did dot-to-dot Valentines pictures.

We had a potluck lunch, with heart peppers, heart shaped sandwiches, pink cupcakes, and Rice Krispies treats.

One mom made the cutest Angry Birds pizzas.

She also made an Angry Birds bowling game. The kids were excited about it!

Later, we went for a walk. The kids liked the pond.

The logs are ALWAYS a hit. Does it even matter the age when the wood is beckoning us to climb?

We searched for hearts in the woods. The kids were pretty good at this.

They even pointed out others that were not on my radar.

Sticks always seem to be popular. We find that shorter sticks usually don't do quite as much damage.

My son found a vine to hang on . . . I hope it's not poison ivy! I remember swinging on vines in the woods as a child when we lived in South Carolina.

The boy also found this log--he wanted his picture taken so badly--turned out cute!

We even had extra activities for home!

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