Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Podcast: Finding Loose Parts!

Finding Loose Parts!

15+ Ways to Find Inexpensive Loose Parts

Loose Parts in a Museum Setting Summary:

“Children learn most readily and easily in a laboratory-type environment where they can experiment, enjoy and find out things for themselves.” 
Simon Nicholson

Loose Parts Books:
Rosie Revere, Engineer:
Beautiful Stuff:

Another book we really liked is Rosie Revere, Engineer. Rosie is a girl who is always squirreling away odds and ends for her engineering projects as a young girl. I can relate to this as my 7-year-old's eyes get so big when he finds a new object to add to his stash. He most recently discovered duct tape (Thanks, Cory and Holly) and is in heaven! Rosie's aunt is Rosie the Riveter whose only regret is not flying, so Rosie the younger sets out to make a flying machine. However, the machine falls flat. 
I loved this quote on the page, "With each perfect failure, they all stand and cheer, but none quite as proudly as Rosie Revere." Rosie soon appreciated that we learn from mistakes and can use them to inform future projects. I love all the bits and baubles combined for creations.

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